Changes Dunvalos Reach and Kaedara #inworldz

mulling over the scene that's soon to disappear

mulling over the scene that’s soon to disappear

Changes are coming to Dunvalos Reach in Inworldz. Specifically, Dunvalos Reach is going bye-bye. We’re moving everything over to my Kaedara set of sims.

I find that I’m no longer able to maintain so much space in Inworldz, as my work schedule has grown. And with Sandie gone, the original thoughts I had with Dunvalos Reach are no longer attainable. Perhaps it is best to move on, so to speak.

I’m starting a new campaign I’m calling “Take Me To Kaedara” for my upcoming fantasy series. As part of this, the Kaedara sims will also feature a notecard style adventure to take visitors on a journey through my books.

The stores are set to open on Elvenglades sim on December 15th. In fact, the Elvenglades and the Lost Forest of Hudan sims are open to the public now. On the Hudan sim, the breedables sales level is above and on the ground is a lighter selection of landscaping and gazebos. A smaller version of the Silverwood memorial for Sandie is here too and I’ll have book stations in it to introduce people to her books.

Either on the 15th or sometime shortly thereafter I should be able to open the Enchanted Isles sim to the public also. Not sure of what sales will be on that one yet, as it’s a representation of the Isles from my books where the Myads live.

For the moment, Moor-Knight is closed and we plan on keeping it closed to the public, as we have our private building and living areas there. Going to see how this first month or two goes and then consider renting a 2X2 section to move us and be able to open Moor-Knight up. IF the time and expenses support such a thing.

During November, I was limited by an internet issue that the techs have been out numerous times to help us through, overloaded in other duties, and I had a little health episode to deal with. This is why my play blogging and social sites have been so quiet. Next week my husband is tying up the internet for some intense video conferencing on two of our computers, so I’ll be on limited internet time until after that’s done.

Wish I could post a definite schedule on the “Take Me To Kaedara” journey. This month, I’m working on preparing two books for Sandie and Lora. Then I hope we can begin work in earnest on my books in January. My artist had some surgeries to get through, and my editor had some issues.

Praying both are on the mend and ready to hustle after the holidays.

For the move to Kaedara, we’re keeping the stores we started. Mystic Serenia is building a new cool, large Egyptian store building for hers. My store buildings will be available for purchase. I’m not sure about hers.

I’ve decided to offer prepared room sets instead of the nearly 2000 throw pillows. I’ll still have throw pillows, just not as many and most will be offered in packs rather than individually.

There’s not a huge change in what we offer for breedables, except for our latest lineup of Relay For Life traited unicorns. We’re still breeding oyos only.

I’ll keep the horse breeding guide I set up and will expand on it. I may even make a notecard style of guide for inworldz viewing.

Not sure what to do about the recent change to oyo breedable groups. I’m sorry. I love the people, but do feel this was an unbelievably stupid move on their part.

They’ve had to secure against troublemakers and hackers lately. As part of the response they’ve overreacted and now switched both the help group and the chat group so that not everyone can join.

This is a terrible business move for those coming in to the breedables. It’s creating a pain in the butt situation for not only us who have no powers at all to try to help newbies, but also their CSRs have to listen to it.

I didn’t want a Kaedara Breedables group. But it seems that if they don’t realize how this is such a big mistake and correct it, that I may be forced into starting my own group.

Not that I can help them when there’s issues they need the CSRs in help group for. But maybe some of the elder breeders would join it too and contact a CSR for someone when needed.

Another pain in the butt process to go through, but I’ll do it if I must to make things easier for my own customers.

A business 101 rule: don’t make your customers work to get your product or to maintain your product. Surefire way to lose customers and turn away new ones.


Breast Cancer Corral and Peek at WIP #Inworldz #ambuilding @oyo_breedable

When I’m deep into the building mode, I get like I do when I’m writing. Into the zone and I don’t notice anything around me.

My poor dog. She cannot get my attention. I’ve come out of the zone to find myself surrounded by every dog toy in the house, as she tried to get my attention. Or, a few times, with a shredded kleenex beside me because she knows that is a big no-no and uses it to get my attention. By the time I come out of it, she’s given up and is curled up asleep in her bed.

This is why I write when others are gone or asleep in the house…same with heavy building.

My 2X2’s won’t be open to the public until probably spring when I’m done with them. And I really zone out on them, for not only am I building, but I’m developing a lot about my book series that I haven’t thought of doing yet. A lot of back story, a lot of culture, a lot of hows and whys come to light with the building.

The first one I’ve been developing is Enchanted Isles, home of my Myads. Been a real challenge. I haven’t created a lot of their culture or their backstory, just the bits and pieces I’ve needed to write their parts so far.

The biggest hurdle for me to get over was to get used to the idea that this is a representation of their areas, not the actual areas. I’d need all four sims for this one territory to make it more “actual”. Then, once I got used to that, I had to create with a great emphasis on combining stone with trees. That’s new territory for me.

It’s been fun. I’ve learned a lot about them so far just by building their territory. I’m getting a lot of cool stuff to put into my upcoming series guide. And I’m beginning to think there may be a book for a Myad character or two in my companion series to go with the full novels.

(Nothing out yet. Probably going to be a major bulk release next year of much of it. A lot is written, and the first book actually published awhile back and will be republished with a makeover. Sadly, both my cover artist and editor have been seriously ill this year and I missed having a fall release. Plus my own family mess and Sandie’s death slowed things down a bit. They’re both better and getting into work a little again.)

Work In Progress...main building for the Myad territory.

Work In Progress…main building for the Myad territory.

I haven’t started the products for Dee’s Designs yet. There are some textures I’m going to look over from a creator that allows multi-grid use of hers. Some ideas have been coming my way for ribbon themed home decor objects. Think I’m going to start playing with those.

For the outside, I wanted to spruce up the yard where I sat the Pink Ribbon eye horses. So I designed a Breast Cancer corral set to match the building. Really makes the place look nice.

I hope the pictures are clear enough. The corral does get fog drifting through it from Mystic’s Halloween haunted house and graveyard display next door. She’s still working on it.

Pink Corral set up. Was lucky to find a pink wood set that didn't look too gaudy.

Pink Corral set up. Was lucky to find a pink wood set that didn’t look too gaudy.

The back of the open stalls connected to the corral. I used butterflies as accent. Seems a recurring theme for Dee's Designs.

The back of the open stalls connected to the corral. I used butterflies as accent. Seems a recurring theme for Dee’s Designs.

My relaxation area at home.

My relaxation area at home.

We moved our home level from Dunvalos Reach to one of the 2X2’s. Right across from the level where I keep forty horses. I especially enjoy being able to smoothly fly back and forth between the two sims up there. Still amazes me after suffering with SL’s crossings for so many years.

Went out today and met this old man in a long waiting line at the department store. Total stranger who just had to tell us everything about his recent ingrown toenail surgery. For a whole stinking 15 minutes worth. Man! When I got out of there all I could think was, “And this is why I prefer to hang out with people in virtual worlds.” LOL


Dunvalos Reach lack of update #inworldz

I can’t really give much of an update for Dunvalos Reach. Things are pretty much cooling off for awhile. There’s so much to deal with for RL work and family issues. But I do have a few things to talk about, and ideas for the future have still been forming.

First of all, store upgrades will be slow. For one, I don’t know when Lady Dark Shade Designs will be able to join us as a full store. Camber, the owner, lost everything to a tornado the night before last. Luckily, she and Nik and their two dogs made it out. Sounds like we’re lucky to even still have them with us.

Scary stories like this is why I demand any house we have has a basement. A few weekends ago we were tormented with flooded towns due to 10 inches of rain in 12 hours and had about 7 tornadoes circling our town. Luckily, our town didn’t have to be evacuated like many around us and no direct hits. Just a lot of damage.

But I saw pictures of those not so lucky around us. Even the basement wasn’t a sure thing in times like this. Still, won’t find me living in a second floor apartment or in a house without a basement again. Lived in tornado alley all my life and learned to respect those creatures early on. Being caught out in a tent in one and live to tell the tale helps me stay respectful.

Should you wish to help a family out directly versus going through Red Cross or another agency, feel free to visit Camber’s fundraising page.  She’s been a good friend of mine for nearly six years. We’re both from pre-beta days of Biobreeds.

For the rest of the stores, there’s a lot of things I want to do. Seems I don’t have this sim fully settled in. Pillows and books finally have gotten some sales this month going, and the traffic is good. There seems to be more interest in the stores than the other areas.

I may dismantle the library and merge Marion Margaret Press into Silverwood, making Silverwood larger. Set up decorative kiosks for MMP through it instead of focusing on MMP. Sadly, I’m not sure when I’ll be able to set up events on the sim for MMP.

And, honestly, I have to search deep and think of where I want to go from here. Sandie kept my heart in the publishing. I’ve always been a writer and will die one. I wrote and illustrated my first book when I was ten, and I know this is the career I’ll go to my maker with, but getting into publishing was something new that cropped up when I worked for publishers.

Publishing can be fun. The business of publishing can be un-enjoyable at times, and it was wearing me down.  It’s possible…well, I don’t want to say. Still a lot of thinking and soul searching to do. But what I do know is that I’ll always have MMP to help her family keep her legacy of words going, as was her last wish. And I’ll have that brick and mortar business again in a few years where her books will be available too.

The new Silverwood will include a memorial area to others lost also. I have more gaming friends to dedicate, Mystic’s mom, and sadly, one or more this year from my family to add. We’re waiting on doctors to tell us how long for one of our parents now.

The other store at the top of the to-do list is Dee’s Designs. I need to get this one ready by fall time, at least, with information and proper dedications. This store is to honor my mother who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer last fall and who is still involved in fighting the battle with it.

Then there’s the other designs. For the home level, the homes are going to go out for sale in the home and design store that Mystic and I still have to build product for. And I’m redoing the home level to be mostly horse themed. Multiple styles of corrals, some decor for yards, and a very special centerpiece I have in mind to build for displaying the multiple pegasus I have.

There will still be oyo sales there. Not that I’ve had any in three weeks. But then, I left the markets so there’s only the search and classifieds pointing people to our sim for them.

As for a MMP update, I don’t know what to say. Seems we’re on a bit of a hiatus for it. One artist dealing with serious health situation and in recovery. Other artist dealt with loss of two family members and a bad health thing from it. One editor dealing with health/family issues. One editor still grieving and having a hard time completing the job.

It’s possible that the grieving and recovery period may need to go on longer than we’d like. I’m giving all another week and then checking in with everyone before I go to take care of my parents for awhile. See if we can get back on track when I return and keep the current schedule we have planned. Will be sure to let everyone know.


#Inworldz Dunvalos Reach update

This store update has more to say about what is in the works, versus what is going on now. My writing time is cutting too deeply into my building time to make much progress.

I have picked up some more ideas and product to work with though. There is much forthcoming.

Traffic for the sim is good. The stores attract attention, and oyos occasionally. Sales are not that great though. Lots of interest. Very few are buying.

Which gives me more freedom to change things with my moods as I like. So, not all bad. And I probably will change a few areas over the next few months.

Another build was started, yet I’m not sure if it’s going to be a Display level rebuild or if I’m actually planning for the next sim. It’s full sim size, for a skybox level.

Nothing to show yet and it will take a long time.

In fact, the product idea I’ve been having will be experimented on soon and work on that level may stop for awhile. Don’t want to say what the other idea is.

But a clue is horses. I’ve been involved with horses all my life, and with art, writing, and doing stuff with my hands. This product line would be very detailed and very primmy. Probably each piece would take me a month or two to make.

Plus, each piece would have a real life version of it in two mediums. Probably limited editions.

I hate risking no copy items, but something like this does dictate the need for it.

Much much thinking to do.

Just me at home with my morning coffee.

Just me at home with my morning coffee.

In the meantime, I continue to work on the writing and am a lot closer to figuring out what the virtual world special editions are going to be. I just need to get the textures from the one artist for the covers yet.

Not sure when Sandie’s new book will be released yet. Still waiting word from her family. I fear the grief is still too raw. Can only imagine. I’m fine for a long time and then suddenly it hits me again too.

As for other work, I’m not pushing it. Losing her zapped a lot out of me and I find myself needing to reset my mind or whatever it is.

Plus I need to figure out how to work longer. My back and nerve issues has been complicating things.

I did finally get the standing desk figured out and that helps a little. Helps my back a lot, but then my feet hurt. LOL

Working on getting tools for that too.

Some #inworldz updates

There’s not a strong theme to today’s update post. I’ve been working on the sim and on the building, but it’s been tough since the loss of my friend. Still, getting into the building groove and playing with the breedables has been helping me focus again and get some purpose going.

And things have been moving along faster than planned. Work in life has been difficult. I have put getting the next set of clients to work for on hold and took a break from my own writing, for my heart just was not in it.

But it’s waking up. A life long ambition is not squelched for long by any tragedy, and as I adjust to Sandie’s absence, she also inspires me to do more. And more is what I’m gearing up to do.

LOOK! A unicorn with a gold horn. One finally showed up for sale and I found it. Now Sandie's unicorns are properly represented in Silverwood.

LOOK! A unicorn with a gold horn. One finally showed up for sale and I found it. Now Sandie’s unicorns are properly represented in Silverwood.

Marion Margaret Press will have another Virtual World exclusive line of shorts for sale only within virtual worlds. First in Inworldz, then perhaps in another when I feel safe to expand, after so long. For quite awhile they’ll only be available within Inworldz though. I hope to start publishing this line in the summer.

This will be time exclusive up to a certain number, then a collection edition of them will be available via our normal channels.

I’m staying with Second Life for the breedables definitely because I emotionally need them in my life to help me stay on track in my real life. But none of this will be in SL and subject to their TOS. So, fellow readers better get into Inworldz too if you want to see these.

Hopefully we’ll be able to work on getting Sandie’s last Cat’s Tales book ready for publication in March. Then a surprise probably that I just got word about for later in the year. I can’t say yet, because it’s not firmed yet. But I’m excited about it.

In Cat's Tales, the gate to Fornoss is lost to the bad guy. This is our depiction of that gate.

In Cat’s Tales, the gate to Fornoss is lost to the bad guy. This is our depiction of that gate.

The gates for Silverwood are done too now. We accidentally broke the wrong gate. Tiru was done with cracks to show it broken/lost by mistake. Or was it? Tiru is the world where Cat is from. Where her people were destroyed. And Cat was very special to Sandie. Perhaps with Sandie gone, now that gate is broken too. I have the working gate up now, but really debating about showing it broken too. To reflect our broken hearts.

Ron, the texture artist, and our main book artist, has an idea for a scrying stone to place in the center of the gates. Sandie didn’t have that in her books but I think she would love the idea. If it works out, I found a scripter I’ll contact to get the stone to work the way we want it to. Will be really cool!

There’s some building updates too, but think I’ll stop here. This makes this update have an actual theme once I got all this out.

Visitors to Silverwood are welcome. Silverwood can be found on Dunvalos Reach at

If you’re new to Inworldz then see this post

And please don’t listen to the news about virtual worlds. They only show negative stuff or show scientists trick gullible people into being lab rats and say “this is a serious mental condition!” Sad thing is, there’s enough ignorant people out there to allow them to continue misleading folks.

Trust me. I’ve been in virtual worlds for about seven years and haven’t had to deal with anything nefarious because it’s easy to avoid and plenty of good folks to find with same ideas about life. And I’ve never, ever confused my avatar with my real life person, even if I’ve spent 8 to ten hours a day being that person. (Yes, I have before for fundraising, building, and working with writers within the worlds.)

Trust me. You have to look out for yourself in a virtual world, just as you do in real life, but it’s very easy to do, and it’s a game. Most know that very well.

Two things I’ve fought against during my life and continue to do so. Animal abuse (common sense type, not extremist, but includes fighting against slaughter of horses, dogs, and cats) and cancer. I support nice breedables and the groups with them in virtual worlds. I can tell you there’s a lot of raising funds to fight cancer through the virtual worlds. And I do mean A LOT.

A lot of good people in virtual worlds. A lot of smart people with good intentions and good actions. Don’t let the negative publicity fool you.


For visitors to #Inworldz Silverwood Enclave Memorial area

The Silverwood Enclave on Dunvalos Reach is dedicated to our dear friend and great author, Sandie Bergen, who passed away February 4, 2015. Her remembrance day is Friday February 13, 2015. Visitors are welcome to come to the Inworldz sim and enjoy the reproduction of Silverwood, the sim, or to drop a message for her family in the heart by the Silverwood entrance.

Sandie was not a virtual gamer, so I’m guessing many who would like to go through Silverwood on her remembrance day Friday, February 13, 2015 will be new to Inworldz and maybe even virtual worlds all together. (Or to come in any time to see it. You’re always welcome.)

To those afraid of virtual worlds, don’t be. Many skeptics I talk to are people exposed to reports of scary instances and sexual depravity. Well, yes. That happens. But it’s NOT what virtual worlds are about.

They’re about exploring and creating awesome places and objects. Artistic expression is everywhere. They’re about being with group of people who care about you inside and not about your status or looks.

I’ve been in the gaming world for over six years and I’ve rarely had to witness anything not PG. It’s easy to find and play in safe areas.

My sims are always PG rated and never roleplay areas. You can dress and be as you like. You are protected by me from abuse and harassment. I became very adept at the mute, ban and eject functions quickly when I began playing all those years before. And I don’t mess around with offenders.

And Inworldz is one of the best managed, safest grids out there. Well, in my opinion, it’s the best managed. lol

Anyway, at this time, I have just the washstand to finish for Lindren’s cottage and then Silverwood is as done as it will be this week. Should have been done last night, but I forgot until this morning!

During the day February 13th, I’ll have my public avatar Marion Margaret on the sim to greet visitors and be available for questions. I will try to make it a long day and be available from morning to night.

For new visitors to the grid, follow these steps:

1 – go to Inworldz website, and register to join it. (Free to play.) Your username will also be your avatar’s name.

2 – then you will need to download a viewer to use within the game. At the inworldz home page you will see a tab that says Downloads. Go to viewer downloads and choose the 2.x viewer that matches your computer.

You need the 2.x viewer and not the other one because parts of my sim are built in what’s called mesh, and you need a viewer capable of seeing mesh.

3 – once the viewer is loaded, open it and sign in with the username and password you used to register at the website with.

You will land in a place we call IDI, which is a welcoming area for new players. There should be mentors on hand there.

As it happens my sim partner is Mystic Serenia and she is a mentor. IF she can be online, she may be there in the morning, until as late as 1pm on Friday. If you see her, feel free to say you’re here for Sandie’s memorial and she’ll pass you a landmark to get to our sim.
4 – If you need to get to our sim on your own after getting in:
Our sim is Dunvalos Reach. You can hit the map button at the bottom of your viewer, put Dunvalos Reach into the box that next to the find button. Hit find, and then hit teleport. Teleport takes you to that location. You will land on our sim and can walk to the memorial. Walking or flying around the sim will help some things rez in faster for you.

On Friday I should be on the sim as one of two of my avatars, or both if I’m on two computers. I am Tempest Myst as a private avatar that does all the building, or Marion Margaret who represents Marion Margaret Press on the sim.

I definitely will be Marion Margaret on Friday. If you come in another day, look for Tempest Myst and send me an IM.

**Mini-Map opens a radar map that lets you see other people on the sim.

5 – Give yourself plenty of time. It takes awhile to get used to using the viewers and get everything set to how you like it. Either on the welcome island or on my sim, you’re in a safe area and it’s okay to stand and go through things to get the hang of it.

If you’re stuck somewhere and need help, click search button. Go to people and punch in my avatar Tempest Myst. Go to profile and send IM to me for assistance. I will try to be on all days this week. Thursday afternoon I may be gone for awhile though.

If I’m not on, you can also try Mystic Serenia and see if she’s around.

Just let us know you’re one of Sandie’s people. 🙂

Once you get to my sim, I can get you into one of my groups and you can set home to there and be able to rez in on a safe spot whenever you visit.

I do suggest joining Friends of Dragonlady group on Facebook. I will also be watching there and on hand for people.


This is waffle's dragon. Click him when you see him and he'll give you a card with information.

This is waffle’s dragon. Click him when you see him and he’ll give you a card with information. First at the Silverwood entrance under the sign, then throughout Silverwood.