About Me In Inworldz

My public avatar Marion Margaret.

My public avatar Marion Margaret.

If you need to friend me in Inworldz for writing, Marion Margaret Press, Dunvalos Reach businesses, or future fundraising/causes/hunts efforts please send the requests to Marion Margaret.

Just do not try to tp me or spam me for events or sales. Of any type. I won’t hesitate to unfriend. If there’s a group you post specific notices through for such things, get me into those and I’ll see them there.

Also, know I won’t be able to do much until next year due to prior commitments and a new business start up in Real Life eating much of my time. And family members on their last days/months/years.

I’m a nice person. I swear. I really am!

But I am also an introvert and don’t socialize too much. Seriously, it stresses me out and raises my blood pressure, plus other unhealthy physical reactions.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with introverts, or who are, but still can’t understand because you’re not one, this is normal.

Also, as is fairly normal, I’m happy to go out and socialize for a day, but then schedule two days of isolation to recover from it. I love doing things, like going out to the tavern for wing night with friends, family zoo trips, and other activities. My husband and I have even started attending steampunk conventions.

We have loads of fun, and I’m usually all right again after three days of isolation at home, usually with my creative activities and my book characters.

When running businesses, I’m cool on the job. Make the customers feel good and help them solve their problems and fulfill their needs. When doing the freelance work, same thing. I even can run facilitation meetings.

Some call this an extrovert-introvert personality.  (Others call it being a whiny so and so.)

Whatever you call it…it’s who I am.

In gaming, I’m much the same way. I get comfort from knowing others are “there”, but don’t talk much. Or chat in local or IM, I should say. Also, I still hate the use of voice chat. I only like it for auctions.

I have friends in the entertainment industry within virtual world gaming. Enjoy their performances. Proud to know them, but don’t attend a lot.

I like my DJ friends and listening to music with them. Especially if I know they actually PAID for their music and not using stolen free crap. Sadly, not many have this virtue. 😦

I actually used to go dancing a lot with family, but the more I got into building, the less I do. I’m not a club person, I’m a builder. Not into fashion, don’t even change avatar clothes much. Although I have become different “characters” at time.

The bush for funny, naughty bush comments at auction times. Scrat for teasing people with my nuts. Batty the cartoon bat. I’m a pg player, so on naked night I took my leaves off for a naked bush, or with full body paint on that covered everything in an artistic fashion.

Don’t feel the love for pixel humping at all. Don’t get me wrong, I can kind of understand the need for such things by others. Just don’t feel it myself, perhaps because I’m so well taken care of in Real Life when it comes to relationship needs.

My role play is in my writing. Don’t do it as an avatar and probably never will. Toddler speak to me and I’ll ignore or mute you, even if it’s for business…especially if it’s for business. Sorry, stuff like that just totally creeps me out, and irritates me.  (Okay, so I know a lot of “children” who act out their personalities at our auctions during the non-business times. That doesn’t bother me…just trying to do actual business with me that way does. Just step out of character for a moment if you need something from me and we’ll be fine.)

But I admire roleplayers a lot! Love watching performances and seeing reenactments. Just because it’s not my mode of creative expression doesn’t mean it’s not great by someone else.

Maybe this will change one day. Trying to step into cosplay in Real Life and broaden myself. Been awkward and not quite there yet, but will keep trying to get by this “block” I have about it. It’ll get there. Love cosplayers too!

Anyway, I know that’s a bit long winded, but not sure what to give out and what not to, so gave it all. lol

This week, my creator and breeder avatar, Tempest Myst, has had three friend invites. Now, I know her name’s out there for the businesses and for the oyos breeding, but she’s not going to have many friendships at all. She’s my avatar for when I don’t need to be sociable.

If customers have issues with something or questions, they do contact me through her and that’s okay. I am the creator and that’s part of the job.

But friendships for me, please send to Marion Margaret. I’ll try to check in with her once a week until I can be more regular, and hopefully catch the friendship requests. If I don’t respond within a week, feel free to resend it.  I’m not entirely sure how well those things keep while one is offline.



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