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Source: Introducing our sims and new blog


Changes Dunvalos Reach and Kaedara #inworldz

mulling over the scene that's soon to disappear

mulling over the scene that’s soon to disappear

Changes are coming to Dunvalos Reach in Inworldz. Specifically, Dunvalos Reach is going bye-bye. We’re moving everything over to my Kaedara set of sims.

I find that I’m no longer able to maintain so much space in Inworldz, as my work schedule has grown. And with Sandie gone, the original thoughts I had with Dunvalos Reach are no longer attainable. Perhaps it is best to move on, so to speak.

I’m starting a new campaign I’m calling “Take Me To Kaedara” for my upcoming fantasy series. As part of this, the Kaedara sims will also feature a notecard style adventure to take visitors on a journey through my books.

The stores are set to open on Elvenglades sim on December 15th. In fact, the Elvenglades and the Lost Forest of Hudan sims are open to the public now. On the Hudan sim, the breedables sales level is above and on the ground is a lighter selection of landscaping and gazebos. A smaller version of the Silverwood memorial for Sandie is here too and I’ll have book stations in it to introduce people to her books.

Either on the 15th or sometime shortly thereafter I should be able to open the Enchanted Isles sim to the public also. Not sure of what sales will be on that one yet, as it’s a representation of the Isles from my books where the Myads live.

For the moment, Moor-Knight is closed and we plan on keeping it closed to the public, as we have our private building and living areas there. Going to see how this first month or two goes and then consider renting a 2X2 section to move us and be able to open Moor-Knight up. IF the time and expenses support such a thing.

During November, I was limited by an internet issue that the techs have been out numerous times to help us through, overloaded in other duties, and I had a little health episode to deal with. This is why my play blogging and social sites have been so quiet. Next week my husband is tying up the internet for some intense video conferencing on two of our computers, so I’ll be on limited internet time until after that’s done.

Wish I could post a definite schedule on the “Take Me To Kaedara” journey. This month, I’m working on preparing two books for Sandie and Lora. Then I hope we can begin work in earnest on my books in January. My artist had some surgeries to get through, and my editor had some issues.

Praying both are on the mend and ready to hustle after the holidays.

For the move to Kaedara, we’re keeping the stores we started. Mystic Serenia is building a new cool, large Egyptian store building for hers. My store buildings will be available for purchase. I’m not sure about hers.

I’ve decided to offer prepared room sets instead of the nearly 2000 throw pillows. I’ll still have throw pillows, just not as many and most will be offered in packs rather than individually.

There’s not a huge change in what we offer for breedables, except for our latest lineup of Relay For Life traited unicorns. We’re still breeding oyos only.

I’ll keep the horse breeding guide I set up and will expand on it. I may even make a notecard style of guide for inworldz viewing.

Not sure what to do about the recent change to oyo breedable groups. I’m sorry. I love the people, but do feel this was an unbelievably stupid move on their part.

They’ve had to secure against troublemakers and hackers lately. As part of the response they’ve overreacted and now switched both the help group and the chat group so that not everyone can join.

This is a terrible business move for those coming in to the breedables. It’s creating a pain in the butt situation for not only us who have no powers at all to try to help newbies, but also their CSRs have to listen to it.

I didn’t want a Kaedara Breedables group. But it seems that if they don’t realize how this is such a big mistake and correct it, that I may be forced into starting my own group.

Not that I can help them when there’s issues they need the CSRs in help group for. But maybe some of the elder breeders would join it too and contact a CSR for someone when needed.

Another pain in the butt process to go through, but I’ll do it if I must to make things easier for my own customers.

A business 101 rule: don’t make your customers work to get your product or to maintain your product. Surefire way to lose customers and turn away new ones.