Breast Cancer Corral and Peek at WIP #Inworldz #ambuilding @oyo_breedable

When I’m deep into the building mode, I get like I do when I’m writing. Into the zone and I don’t notice anything around me.

My poor dog. She cannot get my attention. I’ve come out of the zone to find myself surrounded by every dog toy in the house, as she tried to get my attention. Or, a few times, with a shredded kleenex beside me because she knows that is a big no-no and uses it to get my attention. By the time I come out of it, she’s given up and is curled up asleep in her bed.

This is why I write when others are gone or asleep in the house…same with heavy building.

My 2X2’s won’t be open to the public until probably spring when I’m done with them. And I really zone out on them, for not only am I building, but I’m developing a lot about my book series that I haven’t thought of doing yet. A lot of back story, a lot of culture, a lot of hows and whys come to light with the building.

The first one I’ve been developing is Enchanted Isles, home of my Myads. Been a real challenge. I haven’t created a lot of their culture or their backstory, just the bits and pieces I’ve needed to write their parts so far.

The biggest hurdle for me to get over was to get used to the idea that this is a representation of their areas, not the actual areas. I’d need all four sims for this one territory to make it more “actual”. Then, once I got used to that, I had to create with a great emphasis on combining stone with trees. That’s new territory for me.

It’s been fun. I’ve learned a lot about them so far just by building their territory. I’m getting a lot of cool stuff to put into my upcoming series guide. And I’m beginning to think there may be a book for a Myad character or two in my companion series to go with the full novels.

(Nothing out yet. Probably going to be a major bulk release next year of much of it. A lot is written, and the first book actually published awhile back and will be republished with a makeover. Sadly, both my cover artist and editor have been seriously ill this year and I missed having a fall release. Plus my own family mess and Sandie’s death slowed things down a bit. They’re both better and getting into work a little again.)

Work In Progress...main building for the Myad territory.

Work In Progress…main building for the Myad territory.

I haven’t started the products for Dee’s Designs yet. There are some textures I’m going to look over from a creator that allows multi-grid use of hers. Some ideas have been coming my way for ribbon themed home decor objects. Think I’m going to start playing with those.

For the outside, I wanted to spruce up the yard where I sat the Pink Ribbon eye horses. So I designed a Breast Cancer corral set to match the building. Really makes the place look nice.

I hope the pictures are clear enough. The corral does get fog drifting through it from Mystic’s Halloween haunted house and graveyard display next door. She’s still working on it.

Pink Corral set up. Was lucky to find a pink wood set that didn't look too gaudy.

Pink Corral set up. Was lucky to find a pink wood set that didn’t look too gaudy.

The back of the open stalls connected to the corral. I used butterflies as accent. Seems a recurring theme for Dee's Designs.

The back of the open stalls connected to the corral. I used butterflies as accent. Seems a recurring theme for Dee’s Designs.

My relaxation area at home.

My relaxation area at home.

We moved our home level from Dunvalos Reach to one of the 2X2’s. Right across from the level where I keep forty horses. I especially enjoy being able to smoothly fly back and forth between the two sims up there. Still amazes me after suffering with SL’s crossings for so many years.

Went out today and met this old man in a long waiting line at the department store. Total stranger who just had to tell us everything about his recent ingrown toenail surgery. For a whole stinking 15 minutes worth. Man! When I got out of there all I could think was, “And this is why I prefer to hang out with people in virtual worlds.” LOL


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