Dunvalos Reach #Inworldz Memorial Additions

Building has begun on Dunvalos Reach once again. I’m determined to finish this sim this year!

The latest finished addition is a small memorial to a high school friend of mine. We’ve been trying to reconnect with old friends and today I found Free Bird. Only to discover that she died last year.

Way, way too young. We’re not that old!

Memorial for a friend from high school. We knew her as Free Bird for her love of the eagle.

Memorial for a friend from high school. We knew her as Free Bird for her love of the eagle.

Mystic is working on a section for honoring her mother who she lost a year ago.

I’m nearly ready to show the Garden of Hope for remembering lost children. Just top section of the fencing to go, the pedestals and flowers. Haven’t decided if I’m going to make a “floor” for it yet.

The final section of the memorial area will be for remembering lost pets. We’ve all lost pets.

More to come in other areas too. Mystic has designed a super unique oyo pig corral and sales area she’s offering for sale. I’m working on an Elven courtyard corral, plus a darker goth version of it to offer for sale.

I’ve started redecorating the ground level, including a store that’s going to be filled with beanbag chairs and more pillows. Because 1000 pillows just isn’t enough to offer people. 🙂

There’s also a hopefully cool design that will go on the ground level across the sim from those stores. With the loss of a few awesome texture designers, I’m setting this up as an art gallery that may become a texture store next year. I may have to get into making textures myself. 🙂

Inworldz is THE best place for builders to be. Someday it will be awesome for more breedables, if the creators would only wise up and realize it.

More coming soon. Including the book cover for Sandie Bergen’s next book release in November. Just saw the first peak of the cover in progress and it’s totally completely AWESOME with a capital AWESOME!


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