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My intent this morning when I signed in and checked my stand at TR was to have a good bitching session on this blog. I didn’t come straight here but did some work instead elsewhere.

I’ve been very restless and a grumpy blogger the last few days. It’s time I sat in the corner and had a time out.

Not to say my upset isn’t valid. It is. And it’s important to me.

TR is a great marketplace. Ran by friendly people. Ben got hold of me when he returned and made good on my rent, very good on it. I’ve never been disappointed in the people in the oyos community once.

But I’m a finicky person. And I have a few pet peeves. In the virtual world one is not allowing people to fly on your region. I detest that!

I know, I’m pathetic and whiny.

I see absolutely no benefit to this. I’ve never disabled this over the years on any of my sims, and I never will. I do not presume to control my visitors to that degree.

Set rules to make sure they’re respectful to others. Yes.

Not this. Not on a public sim. Especially not on place you want people to buy from you.

Now in this case I’m one of the buyers on the sim. I shop there when I have some I’z to spend. BUT I’m very busy. I do not have time to walk around an entire sim. I fly to shop. Always have, always will.

This morning, suddenly the fly option is disabled on TR. It wasn’t before. If it was, I would not have set up there. I left another place because trying to put up with it was a royal pain. And I did try. It’s just not how I play.

So, now I’m committed to 24 days at a place I won’t shop around. Kind of sucks.

I’m hoping the fly option is a mistake and will be enabled again soon.

So, hey! Let’s go to a positive thing now I got the whine for my day out of the way.

Oyos may have another win for me in the horses. Maybe. There’s no announcement. In the short moments of time I get to sign in there’s no chatter.

But the last four or five bundles have actually shown female with the coat. And the one we did birth was female.

Does this mean we’ll get to see the actual sex of the bundle before birthing from now on?  I hope so!!!

Real life:

Yes. For one thing, I’m going crazy. We’ve wavered between flooding and storms and heatwaves here that my system is all out of whack from it. I’m a very geographically controlled person when it comes to inspiration and it’s been super unstable for months now.

Cabin fever style of symptoms.

Then I have a painful, but manageable hidden condition flaring up. Doesn’t get better in a few weeks may ask doctor for more help with it.

Stress could be triggering it. I’m not going to say it gently…just come right out with it. My dad’s dying. I don’t know when, could be today, could be a long time from now. But many of us feel this is his last year.

There’s a meeting with the doctor for him Thursday. This is so serious that all my siblings will be there. (This is NOT normal.)  I live 400 miles away.

We were prepared when we heard about it last week to go for a long weekend and be there for it. He’s done well over the weekend though and has been taking it easy, so I decided against it.

Pretty sure there’s a serious surgery to follow this meeting. That surgery may not happen immediately. Going to see when that is and explore being there for that instead. He’s got support for this bit. And I did go back and spend a week with them a few weeks ago.

I was going to take on a few new clients, but cancelled that. Working on my own products for now. Something I can do on a very flexible schedule without strict deadlines during this uneasy time. My dad is not the only family member in danger, and there’s some other things in need closer to home to allow for.

Plus get this dang pain to subside.

In the midst of this, I’m working with Sandie’s family to fulfill her final wishes for her books. This is an honor that helps drive me forward through the mayhem of life.

The two artists are working hard on this with me. Part of which is a ton of custom made gradients to use for textures on the virtual world memorials and around the internet.

I had a 1/2 hour phone meeting with her husband and trying hard to work on the things we came up with during that. Going slow. None of us are having an easy time with it. But it is fulfilling to do something for someone else.

And it has worked wonders with me. Reaffirmed how important family is to me. Our 28th is this weekend. May not do much, but we will make sure to have time for family as part of celebrating it. My husband is a treasure.

Sandie Bergen: author of The Jada Trilogy and Cat's Tales. http://www.marionmargaretpress.com

Sandie Bergen: author of The Jada Trilogy and Cat’s Tales. http://www.marionmargaretpress.com

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