Looking at my #Inworldz business planning

Am I going to run Dunvalos Reach like a real business or just use it for play, not caring about the Izzies it makes?

This is a huge choice I need to make. Which means I better study how inworld business works a little bit further than I have over the years.

Now, I’ve been running some sort of virtual world business for nearly ten years. Just in a very relaxed manner, compared to how I’ve ran my RL businesses. And I’ve never used marketplace for my own products, although I’ve purchased regularly from them.

The realization of just how naive I am came to light recently.

Lady Dark Shade Designs is ran by a good friend of mine. She has a reserved spot on Dunvalos Reach, but hasn’t been able to use it yet. And thanks to a tornado wiping out everything they own in real life, except for their two dogs, she’s not going to be able to get to it for a good while yet.

It sucks. Bad luck for them to have the tornado, and not be covered by insurance. Then, when they get back to the ruins of their home, they found out that anything salvageable has been stolen. The officials in charge promised to have the place guarded, but did not.

Now I did not follow the recent events concerning Inbiz. Obviously, she was preoccupied and didn’t either. Neither of us knew anything was wrong until she went to take her money out of it. Seems that service was ran by a single person and said person has disappeared.

Yes, people are concerned and patiently waiting. But chances are, everything is lost. This is NOT what my friend needed on top of everything else.

And here is where I’m naive. Dummy me thought for sure IW management would have rules in place for people offering global servers to their customers.

Where else am I naive at and unprotected with this situation?

It’s not that I don’t trust IW management. I do. I’ve just obviously assumed too much and have a lot I need to learn before I can answer my main question about my business goals.

In RL, this is a busy time for my publishing part of the business. I have multiple files to prepare and fall releases to prepare for.  I am not sure I’ll increase my inworld work time. Building is going slow as it is.

Visitors isn’t too bad. Sales seem to cover the costs of my classifieds for the non-breedable products.

Breedables aren’t that great in sales, but have been recently very well. A certain individual has evidently started his own project I cater to. That doesn’t happen that often, but nice when it does.

I did think to go back to marketplace and paid for a spot at TR. Yet Ben and Jenny seem offline. Vacation or something. And obviously don’t have anyone watching their place for new renters.

I’m guessing I’ll get credit for lost days when they return, but not sure. We’ll find out I guess.

None of my comps like Wild Rose Ranch, which I would like to be at, so won’t try there. I do visit and work through the lag to shop sometimes still.

The other one I like is MK but they’re full now. Should grabbed one when I saw it.

Not sure if returning to a market will help or not, but feels like a good way to advertise when I don’t have the time to do it the old fashioned way myself.

One thousand pillows I tell you. I got one thousand to choose from, unscripted ones are copy and modify to add your own sits in if you like.

One thousand pillows I tell you. I got one thousand to choose from, unscripted ones are copy and modify to add your own sits in if you like.


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