Additional contribution from #inworldz

David Daeschler posted a few days ago listing the ways Inworldz has contributed to the metaverse.  You can find his post at

From observation, I say there’s one more thing.

Yes, they’ve contributed a lot to the technical side, but they deserve credit on the human side of things too.

They’ve helped contribute a better health attitude to the gamers within the metaverse. While the hot shots in the gaming field are designing more tools for the couch potatoes to gain weight by and promote more inactivity, Inworldz is trying to get gamers to get off of their lazy butts and do something about their health.

While others were spending money into tools that allow you to sit on your comfy chair and pretend to move around, Inworldz worked on InShape. Check it out at

This isn’t to say that people without the ability to take advantage of this, or get out of bed even, are left out. Inworldz provides an affordable means to connect with people and learn new things. They’re always thinking, always developing, and always improving the grid.

The community is great and the staff are “real”.

I’ve been excited about InShape since the day they introduced the idea, especially since I come from a double whammy of health issues on both sides, including a bit of weight gain. And I have misaligned bones that make challenges, including leading to a troublesome back issue that threatens to take my mobility in the next ten years if I don’t do something to change it.

No, I haven’t been able to take advantage of it. I’ve yet to get the room to set up InShape for myself, but working on it. First, I may need a new computer for my office for the gaming, thanks to the recent bouts of tornado causing storms. I was online when the power zapped before they hit and don’t think my pc has been right since then.

(Will know more when I get a chance to tell programmer hubby. His work has been too intense lately to bug him, so been stealing his gaming comp when I need to.)

But still…I look forward to taking advantage of InShape in the future. Especially since my daughter’s 24 pounds ahead of me now on the weight loss. LOL  In the meantime, I’m walking outside. My goal is to have it in place for winter months.

They go well with the stingrays.

Dolphins and stingrays at Dunvalos Reach.

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