Dunvalos Reach lack of update #inworldz

I can’t really give much of an update for Dunvalos Reach. Things are pretty much cooling off for awhile. There’s so much to deal with for RL work and family issues. But I do have a few things to talk about, and ideas for the future have still been forming.

First of all, store upgrades will be slow. For one, I don’t know when Lady Dark Shade Designs will be able to join us as a full store. Camber, the owner, lost everything to a tornado the night before last. Luckily, she and Nik and their two dogs made it out. Sounds like we’re lucky to even still have them with us.

Scary stories like this is why I demand any house we have has a basement. A few weekends ago we were tormented with flooded towns due to 10 inches of rain in 12 hours and had about 7 tornadoes circling our town. Luckily, our town didn’t have to be evacuated like many around us and no direct hits. Just a lot of damage.

But I saw pictures of those not so lucky around us. Even the basement wasn’t a sure thing in times like this. Still, won’t find me living in a second floor apartment or in a house without a basement again. Lived in tornado alley all my life and learned to respect those creatures early on. Being caught out in a tent in one and live to tell the tale helps me stay respectful.

Should you wish to help a family out directly versus going through Red Cross or another agency, feel free to visit Camber’s fundraising page. http://www.gofundme.com/v4a5wde6  She’s been a good friend of mine for nearly six years. We’re both from pre-beta days of Biobreeds.

For the rest of the stores, there’s a lot of things I want to do. Seems I don’t have this sim fully settled in. Pillows and books finally have gotten some sales this month going, and the traffic is good. There seems to be more interest in the stores than the other areas.

I may dismantle the library and merge Marion Margaret Press into Silverwood, making Silverwood larger. Set up decorative kiosks for MMP through it instead of focusing on MMP. Sadly, I’m not sure when I’ll be able to set up events on the sim for MMP.

And, honestly, I have to search deep and think of where I want to go from here. Sandie kept my heart in the publishing. I’ve always been a writer and will die one. I wrote and illustrated my first book when I was ten, and I know this is the career I’ll go to my maker with, but getting into publishing was something new that cropped up when I worked for publishers.

Publishing can be fun. The business of publishing can be un-enjoyable at times, and it was wearing me down.  It’s possible…well, I don’t want to say. Still a lot of thinking and soul searching to do. But what I do know is that I’ll always have MMP to help her family keep her legacy of words going, as was her last wish. And I’ll have that brick and mortar business again in a few years where her books will be available too.

The new Silverwood will include a memorial area to others lost also. I have more gaming friends to dedicate, Mystic’s mom, and sadly, one or more this year from my family to add. We’re waiting on doctors to tell us how long for one of our parents now.

The other store at the top of the to-do list is Dee’s Designs. I need to get this one ready by fall time, at least, with information and proper dedications. This store is to honor my mother who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer last fall and who is still involved in fighting the battle with it.

Then there’s the other designs. For the home level, the homes are going to go out for sale in the home and design store that Mystic and I still have to build product for. And I’m redoing the home level to be mostly horse themed. Multiple styles of corrals, some decor for yards, and a very special centerpiece I have in mind to build for displaying the multiple pegasus I have.

There will still be oyo sales there. Not that I’ve had any in three weeks. But then, I left the markets so there’s only the search and classifieds pointing people to our sim for them.

As for a MMP update, I don’t know what to say. Seems we’re on a bit of a hiatus for it. One artist dealing with serious health situation and in recovery. Other artist dealt with loss of two family members and a bad health thing from it. One editor dealing with health/family issues. One editor still grieving and having a hard time completing the job.

It’s possible that the grieving and recovery period may need to go on longer than we’d like. I’m giving all another week and then checking in with everyone before I go to take care of my parents for awhile. See if we can get back on track when I return and keep the current schedule we have planned. Will be sure to let everyone know.



My condolences #Inworldz and #SecondLife #oyos

Oyos are grieving the loss of someone special to them today and I feel for them. Please visit their blog to read about it.


I picked up the special edition horse they created to remember Saytome by and added her to Sandie’s Silverwood Enclave Memorial. What a great tribute.

No matter how I may have issues and concerns with their system that I blog on about at my breedables/explorer blog, I am always impressed with the caring and giving heart of this group.

Saytome, a new addition to the Silverwood Memorial on Dunvalos Reach.

Saytome, a new addition to the Silverwood Memorial on Dunvalos Reach.

She is the first addition to what will become a new section of the Silverwood Enclave to remember others by.

She is the first addition to what will become a new section of the Silverwood Enclave to remember others by.

oyos OOAK Breast Cancer edition horse they did for charity earlier this year.

oyos OOAK Breast Cancer edition horse they did for charity earlier this year.

(I know. I mentioned the other grid here in the title, when I said I wouldn’t anymore….but only because they’re on both grids.)


Additional contribution from #inworldz

David Daeschler posted a few days ago listing the ways Inworldz has contributed to the metaverse.  You can find his post at http://daviddaeschler.com/2015/05/11/inworldz-and-contributions-to-the-metaverse/

From observation, I say there’s one more thing.

Yes, they’ve contributed a lot to the technical side, but they deserve credit on the human side of things too.

They’ve helped contribute a better health attitude to the gamers within the metaverse. While the hot shots in the gaming field are designing more tools for the couch potatoes to gain weight by and promote more inactivity, Inworldz is trying to get gamers to get off of their lazy butts and do something about their health.

While others were spending money into tools that allow you to sit on your comfy chair and pretend to move around, Inworldz worked on InShape. Check it out at http://inworldz.com/inshape/

This isn’t to say that people without the ability to take advantage of this, or get out of bed even, are left out. Inworldz provides an affordable means to connect with people and learn new things. They’re always thinking, always developing, and always improving the grid.

The community is great and the staff are “real”.

I’ve been excited about InShape since the day they introduced the idea, especially since I come from a double whammy of health issues on both sides, including a bit of weight gain. And I have misaligned bones that make challenges, including leading to a troublesome back issue that threatens to take my mobility in the next ten years if I don’t do something to change it.

No, I haven’t been able to take advantage of it. I’ve yet to get the room to set up InShape for myself, but working on it. First, I may need a new computer for my office for the gaming, thanks to the recent bouts of tornado causing storms. I was online when the power zapped before they hit and don’t think my pc has been right since then.

(Will know more when I get a chance to tell programmer hubby. His work has been too intense lately to bug him, so been stealing his gaming comp when I need to.)

But still…I look forward to taking advantage of InShape in the future. Especially since my daughter’s 24 pounds ahead of me now on the weight loss. LOL  In the meantime, I’m walking outside. My goal is to have it in place for winter months.

They go well with the stingrays.

Dolphins and stingrays at Dunvalos Reach.