#Inworldz Dunvalos Reach update

This store update has more to say about what is in the works, versus what is going on now. My writing time is cutting too deeply into my building time to make much progress.

I have picked up some more ideas and product to work with though. There is much forthcoming.

Traffic for the sim is good. The stores attract attention, and oyos occasionally. Sales are not that great though. Lots of interest. Very few are buying.

Which gives me more freedom to change things with my moods as I like. So, not all bad. And I probably will change a few areas over the next few months.

Another build was started, yet I’m not sure if it’s going to be a Display level rebuild or if I’m actually planning for the next sim. It’s full sim size, for a skybox level.

Nothing to show yet and it will take a long time.

In fact, the product idea I’ve been having will be experimented on soon and work on that level may stop for awhile. Don’t want to say what the other idea is.

But a clue is horses. I’ve been involved with horses all my life, and with art, writing, and doing stuff with my hands. This product line would be very detailed and very primmy. Probably each piece would take me a month or two to make.

Plus, each piece would have a real life version of it in two mediums. Probably limited editions.

I hate risking no copy items, but something like this does dictate the need for it.

Much much thinking to do.

Just me at home with my morning coffee.

Just me at home with my morning coffee.

In the meantime, I continue to work on the writing and am a lot closer to figuring out what the virtual world special editions are going to be. I just need to get the textures from the one artist for the covers yet.

Not sure when Sandie’s new book will be released yet. Still waiting word from her family. I fear the grief is still too raw. Can only imagine. I’m fine for a long time and then suddenly it hits me again too.

As for other work, I’m not pushing it. Losing her zapped a lot out of me and I find myself needing to reset my mind or whatever it is.

Plus I need to figure out how to work longer. My back and nerve issues has been complicating things.

I did finally get the standing desk figured out and that helps a little. Helps my back a lot, but then my feet hurt. LOL

Working on getting tools for that too.


Is One Thousand Too Many? #Inworldz

Pillows, that is. My Tempest Myst Designs store is loaded with pillows and rugs. And I just made another batch which will take the number of pillows over 1000.

Will do it…just not yet. I had to add a level to the store to make room for them. And I haven’t had a long enough break to name and price them. May take me a few days to get them set up and available.

yep four types of pillows, 40 of each set...takes the number of pillows in my store over 1000.

yep four types of pillows, 40 of each set…takes the number of pillows in my store over 1000.

Tempest Myst Designs store had to have a fourth floor added onto so I have room to set them out.

Tempest Myst Designs store had to have a fourth floor added onto so I have room to set them out.

It’s heavy writing days right now and I’ll be out of town working in coffee shops some days. I hope to get some time to set them up this weekend. It’s Easter but should be quiet as we get no days off and the kids are very busy.


InWorldz officially turns six years old today

Daniel Voyager

InWorldz 6th Birthday Celebration

Today marks InWorldz official 6th birthday and it’s time to celebrate six amazing years of the InWorldz grid. To mark this special occasion the IW Birthday Bash will be happening today at 12pm SLT until 2pm SLT today hosted by DJ Wolf Hartnell over at the InWorldz Main Stage. Don’t miss this!

It’s InWorldz 6th birthday! If you didn’t hear our sexy-voiced event manager Wolf at the Winterfest auction, you have missed a treat! Don’t miss your chance to catch him spinning his eclectic mix of tunes at the Main Stage, for our first event on the day of the InWorldz anniversary!

With Community All Things are Possible!

Check out my IW6 snapshots here and please spread the word around the metaverse about InWorldz 6th Birthday! 🙂

InWorldz 6th Birthday_002

Today’s Events for Wednesday 1st April 2015

InWorldz 6th Birthday Celebration 1a

Here is the InWorldz 6th Birthday Map Sim Layout

IW6 Sim Layout

Happy 6th Birthday InWorldz! 

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