Some #inworldz updates

There’s not a strong theme to today’s update post. I’ve been working on the sim and on the building, but it’s been tough since the loss of my friend. Still, getting into the building groove and playing with the breedables has been helping me focus again and get some purpose going.

And things have been moving along faster than planned. Work in life has been difficult. I have put getting the next set of clients to work for on hold and took a break from my own writing, for my heart just was not in it.

But it’s waking up. A life long ambition is not squelched for long by any tragedy, and as I adjust to Sandie’s absence, she also inspires me to do more. And more is what I’m gearing up to do.

LOOK! A unicorn with a gold horn. One finally showed up for sale and I found it. Now Sandie's unicorns are properly represented in Silverwood.

LOOK! A unicorn with a gold horn. One finally showed up for sale and I found it. Now Sandie’s unicorns are properly represented in Silverwood.

Marion Margaret Press will have another Virtual World exclusive line of shorts for sale only within virtual worlds. First in Inworldz, then perhaps in another when I feel safe to expand, after so long. For quite awhile they’ll only be available within Inworldz though. I hope to start publishing this line in the summer.

This will be time exclusive up to a certain number, then a collection edition of them will be available via our normal channels.

I’m staying with Second Life for the breedables definitely because I emotionally need them in my life to help me stay on track in my real life. But none of this will be in SL and subject to their TOS. So, fellow readers better get into Inworldz too if you want to see these.

Hopefully we’ll be able to work on getting Sandie’s last Cat’s Tales book ready for publication in March. Then a surprise probably that I just got word about for later in the year. I can’t say yet, because it’s not firmed yet. But I’m excited about it.

In Cat's Tales, the gate to Fornoss is lost to the bad guy. This is our depiction of that gate.

In Cat’s Tales, the gate to Fornoss is lost to the bad guy. This is our depiction of that gate.

The gates for Silverwood are done too now. We accidentally broke the wrong gate. Tiru was done with cracks to show it broken/lost by mistake. Or was it? Tiru is the world where Cat is from. Where her people were destroyed. And Cat was very special to Sandie. Perhaps with Sandie gone, now that gate is broken too. I have the working gate up now, but really debating about showing it broken too. To reflect our broken hearts.

Ron, the texture artist, and our main book artist, has an idea for a scrying stone to place in the center of the gates. Sandie didn’t have that in her books but I think she would love the idea. If it works out, I found a scripter I’ll contact to get the stone to work the way we want it to. Will be really cool!

There’s some building updates too, but think I’ll stop here. This makes this update have an actual theme once I got all this out.

Visitors to Silverwood are welcome. Silverwood can be found on Dunvalos Reach at

If you’re new to Inworldz then see this post

And please don’t listen to the news about virtual worlds. They only show negative stuff or show scientists trick gullible people into being lab rats and say “this is a serious mental condition!” Sad thing is, there’s enough ignorant people out there to allow them to continue misleading folks.

Trust me. I’ve been in virtual worlds for about seven years and haven’t had to deal with anything nefarious because it’s easy to avoid and plenty of good folks to find with same ideas about life. And I’ve never, ever confused my avatar with my real life person, even if I’ve spent 8 to ten hours a day being that person. (Yes, I have before for fundraising, building, and working with writers within the worlds.)

Trust me. You have to look out for yourself in a virtual world, just as you do in real life, but it’s very easy to do, and it’s a game. Most know that very well.

Two things I’ve fought against during my life and continue to do so. Animal abuse (common sense type, not extremist, but includes fighting against slaughter of horses, dogs, and cats) and cancer. I support nice breedables and the groups with them in virtual worlds. I can tell you there’s a lot of raising funds to fight cancer through the virtual worlds. And I do mean A LOT.

A lot of good people in virtual worlds. A lot of smart people with good intentions and good actions. Don’t let the negative publicity fool you.


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