For visitors to #Inworldz Silverwood Enclave Memorial area

The Silverwood Enclave on Dunvalos Reach is dedicated to our dear friend and great author, Sandie Bergen, who passed away February 4, 2015. Her remembrance day is Friday February 13, 2015. Visitors are welcome to come to the Inworldz sim and enjoy the reproduction of Silverwood, the sim, or to drop a message for her family in the heart by the Silverwood entrance.

Sandie was not a virtual gamer, so I’m guessing many who would like to go through Silverwood on her remembrance day Friday, February 13, 2015 will be new to Inworldz and maybe even virtual worlds all together. (Or to come in any time to see it. You’re always welcome.)

To those afraid of virtual worlds, don’t be. Many skeptics I talk to are people exposed to reports of scary instances and sexual depravity. Well, yes. That happens. But it’s NOT what virtual worlds are about.

They’re about exploring and creating awesome places and objects. Artistic expression is everywhere. They’re about being with group of people who care about you inside and not about your status or looks.

I’ve been in the gaming world for over six years and I’ve rarely had to witness anything not PG. It’s easy to find and play in safe areas.

My sims are always PG rated and never roleplay areas. You can dress and be as you like. You are protected by me from abuse and harassment. I became very adept at the mute, ban and eject functions quickly when I began playing all those years before. And I don’t mess around with offenders.

And Inworldz is one of the best managed, safest grids out there. Well, in my opinion, it’s the best managed. lol

Anyway, at this time, I have just the washstand to finish for Lindren’s cottage and then Silverwood is as done as it will be this week. Should have been done last night, but I forgot until this morning!

During the day February 13th, I’ll have my public avatar Marion Margaret on the sim to greet visitors and be available for questions. I will try to make it a long day and be available from morning to night.

For new visitors to the grid, follow these steps:

1 – go to Inworldz website, and register to join it. (Free to play.) Your username will also be your avatar’s name.

2 – then you will need to download a viewer to use within the game. At the inworldz home page you will see a tab that says Downloads. Go to viewer downloads and choose the 2.x viewer that matches your computer.

You need the 2.x viewer and not the other one because parts of my sim are built in what’s called mesh, and you need a viewer capable of seeing mesh.

3 – once the viewer is loaded, open it and sign in with the username and password you used to register at the website with.

You will land in a place we call IDI, which is a welcoming area for new players. There should be mentors on hand there.

As it happens my sim partner is Mystic Serenia and she is a mentor. IF she can be online, she may be there in the morning, until as late as 1pm on Friday. If you see her, feel free to say you’re here for Sandie’s memorial and she’ll pass you a landmark to get to our sim.
4 – If you need to get to our sim on your own after getting in:
Our sim is Dunvalos Reach. You can hit the map button at the bottom of your viewer, put Dunvalos Reach into the box that next to the find button. Hit find, and then hit teleport. Teleport takes you to that location. You will land on our sim and can walk to the memorial. Walking or flying around the sim will help some things rez in faster for you.

On Friday I should be on the sim as one of two of my avatars, or both if I’m on two computers. I am Tempest Myst as a private avatar that does all the building, or Marion Margaret who represents Marion Margaret Press on the sim.

I definitely will be Marion Margaret on Friday. If you come in another day, look for Tempest Myst and send me an IM.

**Mini-Map opens a radar map that lets you see other people on the sim.

5 – Give yourself plenty of time. It takes awhile to get used to using the viewers and get everything set to how you like it. Either on the welcome island or on my sim, you’re in a safe area and it’s okay to stand and go through things to get the hang of it.

If you’re stuck somewhere and need help, click search button. Go to people and punch in my avatar Tempest Myst. Go to profile and send IM to me for assistance. I will try to be on all days this week. Thursday afternoon I may be gone for awhile though.

If I’m not on, you can also try Mystic Serenia and see if she’s around.

Just let us know you’re one of Sandie’s people. 🙂

Once you get to my sim, I can get you into one of my groups and you can set home to there and be able to rez in on a safe spot whenever you visit.

I do suggest joining Friends of Dragonlady group on Facebook. I will also be watching there and on hand for people.


This is waffle's dragon. Click him when you see him and he'll give you a card with information.

This is waffle’s dragon. Click him when you see him and he’ll give you a card with information. First at the Silverwood entrance under the sign, then throughout Silverwood.


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