The sad notice #inworldz

It is with great sadness that we announce the loss of a great writer. For those who don’t follow her FB page, Sandie Bergen was diagnosed with multiple brain tumors this month. Her first surgery did not go well and she is leaving our world.

Her family are sitting vigil with her now as I write this. Prayers for strength for them through this time are welcome.

I’m sure she’ll dance her way to heaven with Lindren and Cat doing the “Stepping through the Forest” dance she explained so well in her books. Through butterflies, hummingbirds, and gold and silver dragons.

As per her wishes, Marion Margaret Press will still release the next and last book in the Cat’s Tales series. Look for future notices as we get through the grief and figure out our business schedule.

Sandie is not only an author I represent, but a good friend for over ten years. She was the first person I tru10:04 AM 1/31/2015ly connected with when I discovered the internet that day so long ago through our online writing workshop.

Since then, we talked nearly every day. We began with the msn messenger, sitting at our computers and writing with it up. I remember numerous times how we’d get stuck on something and would yell at the other, “Hey, does this make sense?”

Then we went to our own private message board, emails, and social site connections for our daily exchanges.

The internet seems very quiet and dull without her…I’m still in shock as I write this.

Dunvalos Reach in the game Inworldz will remain with areas of her books reproduced as a tribute to her. The areas are open to the public for anyone to walk through and explore.

Silverwood is not complete, and it will take a long time to complete, but I’m adding details to it daily.

The rest…well, there’s more to come, just hard to think of it now.

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