#Inworldz Silverwood Thoughts

Sandie is still in the hospital. Being shifted between a few, to be precise, for more tests.

Meanwhile, I continue to use almost all of my time trying to catch up on details from her books and recreating what I can from them. (Minus time for the domestic duties of life, managing my closing sale in SL, and taking breaks to kill enemies or heal the emperor’s son on other games.)

Silverwood always seemed a place I’d like to live and now I know it would be. Even if the world we really live in was sane, Silverwood would still be heaps better.

I really hope to finish up Lindren’s cottage this week, and get the little bits and pieces added to Silverwood. Of course, Sandie does have details in her books, but it still leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Mystic commented on how interesting it would be for a writer to see their world from a reader’s perspective.

Funny how our thoughts run in line with one another. I had been thinking something similar, only from the writer’s perspective, being one myself. How recreating your own world in virtual design can be useful in deciding how to describe it in words. There’s a blog post coming for the writing blog I have.

Fountain end of Silverwood Commons

Fountain end of Silverwood Commons

Silverwood Commons is mostly done. Just needs some touching up with little additions here and there to add contrast and to represent the elven love for nature. Of course, I have a zoo full of animals and birds and frogs in my inventory to choose from. And Mystic is helping me find a good hawk to put in.

Little Cat connected to a hawk within the books once and I think that would be a nice addition. Not sure if her world has eagles, but I did set one above the arched entrance to it.

The fountain I have out is just a placer for now. The true fountain in her book will have to be special made at some point. Perhaps I’ll put a donation box out at the beginning of the Silverwood area in case any would wish to contribute to having it made. I know of four creators who make products which run in the same concept as Sandie’s ideas.

A neat idea I had was to contact the elves in Inworldz and see if they’d like to set up a scene within Silverwood Commons. As if there really was a meeting of the elves. Nothing role playing…I’m not a role player and I don’t let my sims be so, but a planned setting would be cool.

(My own avatar has been elf or fairy for years. Elves seem to have a better grip on what life’s really about more than humans.)

The pantry in Lindren's Cottage. Elves are vegetarians.

The pantry in Lindren’s Cottage. Elves are vegetarians.

Now, one area I’m sure there will be a lot of adjustments to make as time goes by is Lindren’s Cottage. For one, she doesn’t specify what type of cottage, just implies it’s human like. So I went with a common tudor style design because it has a lot of wood work in it.

The elven cottage grow from a big Shirren tree they’re attached to. So I’m sure this isn’t quite the look she’s going for. Either that’s another thing I’d have to have special made to properly match it, or maybe the other set of detailed log cabin style walls would work better.

The architecture of the cottage is designed based on her descriptions. And I’m sure this isn’t what she exactly had in mind, but it is what she described. As a writer, this struck me as interesting. I think before I set up a house for a scene in my books now I’m going to recreate it as I envision it in world first.

Another thing is that because of the number of rooms she has in her cottage, it came out bigger than what I’m sure she thought it would be. Thus, I had to fill it with more objects to make it look right. The kitchen and pantry are pretty much done. The common room is close to being done.

The result is…I believe Lindren must have one of the biggest cottages in the enclave. Being the elder and boss of the enclave, I see this as a natural thing. When you look in his kitchen and his pantry, you see it holds a lot of food. I say he stores a lot of food for the enclave, as I don’t see a family of four being able to eat all that before it rots.

Lindren's kitchen.

Lindren’s kitchen.

Full length of Lindren's kitchen

Full length of Lindren’s kitchen

Entry way to Lindren's Kitchen from the common room.

Entry way to Lindren’s Kitchen from the common room.

Mystic and I liked the open entry way to the kitchen versus using a door. Sandie is a lover of dragons and Cat’s Tales centers much around them, so I set a dragon texture into the entry way. It feels something the elves would like.

Coming next is the common room, where the elves meet. I had to make a simple table for it to get the right make and size to fit her description. And I found a copyable chair to use around the table, thankfully. For some reason, I really don’t like making kitchen chairs.

Mystic designed a simple bathtub to fit her description and I’ve got the bathroom washstand to make, then that room is ready. Then the bedrooms for Cat, Lindren and Rhianna, and Robbi. On the outside I’m still trying to figure out the flower garden area. That is one place I’m sure I’ll redo numerous times. I’m not much of a gardener. LOL

Ilsie is working on a new design for the Silverwood entryway that I can also use as an ad for selling Cat’s Tales, while our other cover artist is working on the runes for the gates.

I ended up with room for showing one more place of Silverwood, so I’m thinking on that spot. Maybe Cat’s camp. Not sure yet.

Then on to The Jada Trilogy. I have one spot I’m not happy with and am currently trying to think of the design for a Dunvalos Reach Jada Museum. This would showcase different rooms and objects from the books of Sandie’s The Jada Trilogy.

Oh, and working on Marion Margaret Press Library still. Got the stairs created yesterday.


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