Dunvalos Reach Update #Inworldz

There’s a few things going on this week on Dunvalos Reach and it’s been a fun season. The number of visitors to the sim have been growing a little at a time. Which is good. It will help keep me motivated to sign in and get some work done. I work on the building on Sundays and it’s still slow right now. I suspect I’ll be building for many more months before I can call Dunvalos Reach done.

And probably want to do another one. LOL

First of all, I should let Real Life intervene here and let people know a few things.

My work avatar is Tempest Myst. If you see her and try to contact her, she may not respond. I work in multiple windows and am often listening to the music. Inworldz does give a little tone when someone tries to contact me and I do try to pay attention when I can. (Sometimes I’m in a meeting and cannot though.) But also, sometimes I’m concentrating so hard I don’t notice the tone.

Mystic Serenia works the sim with me. Sometimes she’s roaming around the sim, sometimes she’s working in other duties. She’s hit and miss like Tempest Myst, but not as bad.

Another creator you may see on the sim is Camber since she just added a store. I have no clue as to her availability. 🙂

My public avatar and representative for Marion Margaret Press on Dunvalos Reach is Marion Margaret. She’s okay to send friend requests and will have her in at least one day a week during writing sessions. I hope to do more days eventually, if interest in the writing and publishing grows on the grid. I’m a novel writer and publisher and very busy, but I will try to greet people as Marion, but also will make sure it doesn’t get too chatty and distracting or I’ll leave until I finish the work. Unless it’s a meeting or event, of course.

In real life, I have parents, mine and in-laws, in their later years. Mom’s with Breast Cancer treatments, Dad’s serious heart issues and not doing well, in-laws have life threatening conditions. Should I not be posting here or disappear for awhile, God forbid, something may have went wrong. But after I’m able to do something “normal” again after an incident, I will return.

I will try to keep Mystic informed somehow.

Camber has joined us on Dunvalos Reach. She’s taken up a spot for her seasonal stores. The Christmas shop is still in progress, but she’s already got a great selection of items available. Be sure to check it out when you visit.

Lady Dark Designs  Newest Addition to the stores available at Dunvalos Reach from Camber

Lady Dark Designs
Newest Addition to the stores available at Dunvalos Reach from Camber

We’ve had a few visitors who admitted playing and liking the Myst games. On the ground level, you’ll find a parcel called Dunvalos Reach Lagoon. It’s a mixture of personal likes and memories from the Myst Online Uru Live game, plus family.

The main sounds and feel of it is from the Teledahn Age. Mushrooms are a huge decor of choice to reflect the age. The hut is structured to feel much like the hut where you start playing the game, but different at the same time. The sounds are from Teledahn within the age, including Shroomie. A shroomie for offshore would be perfect, but I don’t build sculpt or mesh.

I named this the lagoon, so Myst players may confuse it with the lagoon in Riven and say I’m wrong. But for some reason, Lagoon seemed right to me. I reserve the right to rename it should something else better come to mind.

In addition, you’ll see some Cleft-inspired items, like the whark bones recreated by Mystic and the Riven junk recreated by me. Mystic also added a Riven knife to the lagoon area.

The lagoon is not ‘finished’ and is a work in progress, but visitors are welcome to visit and check it out.

The Dunvalos Reach Lagoon

The Dunvalos Reach Lagoon

Dunvalos Reach Main Landing Point



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