#Inworldz My laid back building

I’m a simple builder. Hooked on using regular prims still with just a few sculpts and not into the mesh building still. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate mesh. Even buy something with it here and there.

I haven’t tried anything mesh with avatars in Inworldz yet and may not. My characters are pretty static. They’re not fashionistas and their clothes and bodies are self-cleaning. Lovely benefit to being a virtual world pixel person!

Not planning on buying a full wardrobe for them. LOL

I do have some experience with mesh avatars in Second Life. Two of them, to be exact. And it didn’t go well. LOL I had to completely uninstall SL and reinstall it and start the avis over each time. Clothes I’ve had no issues with.

In Inworldz I’m not a social butterfly, nor do I see myself ever being one. I just maintain a sim and build as a release of dealing with life.

In life, I’m an introvert, nearly a hermit. Social hermit. Live in town, say hello and wave to people. Don’t hang out much. And that’s my happy spot. Knowing they’re “there” and that they know I’m “here” is just right for me.

I’m a pillow person. Right now, I’m up to 350 pillows in my store. Of course, those are sculpted.  I don’t make sculpts but thankfully there’s many wonderful sculptors out there.

Not many scripts make their way into my products. Animations, sits, and some doors for the most part. I’m a simple script person too. Even the other scripts I use tend to be simpler ones.

Right now, I just use pose balls. The grid is advancing and I see a multi-sit system in my future. But for now, I’m doing the pose balls. Actually, I probably have a system in inventory already. I did a lot of gathering of materials when I first came on the grid.

But testing on three computers here, one being an ultra gamer, and with a friend’s two computers, I find even the best made sims laggy when there’s an overwhelming amount of textures and scripts. One fantastic creator only has 1/2 of the prims used and it still lags us down.

I contribute a lot of interference to sim surrounds. Personally, I don’t like them. Even the best made ones interfere with a lot of computers.

So, for now, simpler is better for me. And that’s okay because I have a ton of textures and a ton of ideas to work through.

What’s in the future for my Inworldz sim? Lots of product.

My next line of products is barrels. I love how people have recycled old, broken wine and beer barrels in RL, so I’m doing just that in IW.

Won’t take me long to fill up on houses. Pretty sure we’ll have to add a building to buy the extra houses through vendors. No, I’m not going to use rezers. Nor am I going to use “modern” vendors. My vendors are to be boxes and pictures and signs that you purchase. Those things lag out sims so bad in the malls once you get so many. Simple is just as good.

To be honest, my houses are lacking in proper door functions right now. For the moment, I’m not linking up the doors to the houses and they’re phantom. Soon I’ll have a sort of working door system going. Seems I have to go backwards and figure out which one works best on the grid now.

Mystic says we’re selling “classical houses”. No rezer needed, just buy a copy of the house. LOL yep, old-school.

But I am working on extras and when mine go up for sale, it will be a sign or box to buy. Can’t help myself and have to throw in more than just the house. 🙂

Visited a few Inworldz places using rezers. They have a good idea of making them temp rez. Only not so good at warning the visitor that the places rezed would poof after so long! LOL I figured it out before I was halfway checking out the rezed area I visited.

But OMG the worlds and setting you can make with full landscaping and mixing regular prims, with sculpts, and mesh…oiy! Looks like real life sometimes.


Next house in my lineup of houses. Simple cottage with stained glass windows.

Next house in my lineup of houses. Simple cottage with stained glass windows.

Next series I'm working on. Products using barrels. I have 30 done so far, chairs and shelving units.

Next series I’m working on. Products using barrels. I have 30 done so far, chairs and shelving units.


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