The Serenity Myst Stores

Mystic and I have started filling our new stores on Dunvalos Reach for the Serenity Myst Stores parcel.

We’ll have four for sure on the sim. Mine is going to be Tempest Myst Designs. Not sure what Mystic’s is. In the future there will be an art store.

And I just decided on the fourth store. In Second Life, I’m opening Dee’s Designs so I can join in the hunt for raising funds for Breast Cancer, of which my mom was recently diagnosed. I’ve decided to make a sister store in Inworldz for it.

This is something close to both Mystic and I. She lost her own mom to cancer just recently.

Everyone calls my mom Dee so Dee’s Designs sounds perfect.

I went Inworldz price shopping. I always price low enough that all can afford my product, but do try to stay within the normal range of prices you find out there. It doesn’t seem to be a good “normal” range for pricing out there, so going with my original idea and calling it good.

Then it will take me a few full days to get everything priced. LOL  Is 300 pillows for one store too many?

bedsets_001 vase stand_001


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