First Reveal #myst inspired #inworldz build

I’ve been working on a fairly large build that borrows a lot of features and textures from the game and other myst/riven games from Cyan worlds.

This build has evolved into a lot more than I expected, and I’m just nearing completion on just one part of it. The building I’m calling the “Myst Home”. It’s nearly done, with room for me to add more pieces to it as I find the inspiration.

I thought this was going to be a Myst world replica and inspiration build, but it’s to become more than that. It’s an introduction to the world of Myst. There will be bows giving notecards and free copies of items to visitors within the build itself. The notecards will give interesting facts about the game out, with information on where to find more.  I’m including some helpful hints on playing the game, as part of my current task of becoming a game guide once again.


A little decorative corner featuring a maple tree from Relto. Table top texture is from Exile. Trim piece on this side of the house is the D’ni Alphabet and D’ni Numbers.


This section represents the teaching side of the room. Learn how to tell time in D’ni, your alphabet, and numbers. Stained Glass is from K’ver. On one side is Bahro Glyphs and on other is a pictograph from the game. Symbol on floor is from Ahnonay.


Sleeping room is inspired by a Tomahna room. Sharing symbol on the floor. Atrus tapestry texture on the cabinet. The artwork is from the Last Stand where we all gathered to open the fissure and go through together on our luckily not very last day in cavern.


Decorative corner. Tapestry is from one in the game…not sure we ever found out who it is. The globe stand in front is inspired from the stand in Sirrus’s room.


This is a little study area I’ll add more table pieces to. Inspired by pics of Atrus’s various tables. The middle is a viewer texture from Teledahn. The stone graphic is a pictograph found in game.


Decorative space inspired by a Tomahna shot. Only Myst graphic is the compass on the table top.


Interior shot. The center emblem is from the Great Zero floor map. Something will go in the middle of it eventually.


There’s cubby shelves and space behind the curtains, giving me more to play with. As time goes along I’ll make Myst inspired pieces to put in there, and to add throughout the rest of the room.

I’m becoming quite addicted to having 45,000 prims to play with and being able to just create without having to prim count and worry about how close I’m getting.

Recreation of the Myst fireplace you can get on your Relto. Completely different textures that I found Inworldz.

Recreation of the Myst fireplace you can get on your Relto. Completely different textures that I found Inworldz.

Lots more coming soon…


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