Inworldz check in but not much

Just checking in here to let people know I’m still around.

Work and life has been keeping me out.

I’ve had Dunvalos Reach for two months plus now and not even half way done with it. That’s okay because I am happy enough with Inworldz and Inworldz management to not feel as if it’s a total waste.

I am sad to miss out on the upcoming hunt though. Just no way to get all the product built in time. Well, I could have, if I shoved some real life stuff aside.

Maybe. Part of my delay had included two weeks of not being able to do much at all due to infection in roots of a tooth. Thankfully we can save the tooth. Root canal and cap.

I’d like to see what’s improved for me building since the last update, so I am anxious to get back to it. Maybe this weekend. Get to find out then if we have a bad life situation to deal with for awhile or not. Help keep my mind busy while waiting to find out.

Funny thing about me. I dread things that look possible to happen, and then can’t stop dreading them and they lower my productivity.

Maybe I should listen to more Abney Park since the music inspires me. Listening to an episode of Boston Blackie Inworldz while I write this. Helps me concentrate, but not sure it’s inspiring. lol

Dreading the upcoming possible situation. A life woe discovered this morning. Heavy machinery in neighborhood disturbing the atmosphere. 100 degree heat with 106 heat index expected today…   Yah, may need to crank up the volume with Abney Park on to concentrate by.

And better make some coffee to cool for iced lattes later…

Our home side view on Dunvalos Reach where I sit to listen to old time radio while working.

Our home side view on Dunvalos Reach where I sit to listen to old time radio while working.


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