Okay “this” sucks ….

What is “this”?

Second Life, of course. Seems like every trip into Second Life ends in frustration due to performance issues. I’ve regained the habit of cussing thanks to Second Life. Really am about ready to pack up and leave. The frustrations are even getting in the way of me enjoying my breedables.

Whereas I can go into Inworldz, a newer grid where I expect frustrations and the performance is a lot better. And rarely get frustrations.

There’s still issues, of course. Things that will be fixed within time as the grid grows.

Still can’t cross a sim very well at all. Sometimes have to teleport twice to a lm cause my avi falls through the surface.

But I visited some of the more populated horse markets today with the oYo horses and am impressed. Yes, there’s still a ways to go, but at this stage, I’m impressed.

The manes I’m still not sure about. But do understand it. A shaped mane does knock down the collision issues a lot. One of the biggest issues we had with Amaretto on our SL sims.

When it comes to performance with the horses, I got huge flickering of the horses when they changed animations. Seems like they’re all on the same timer. Not sure if that had anything to do with it.

Still, I may check out about the foods and such later on when it comes time to get some gaming allowance again.  A pair at home would be nice to play with. Serenia and I could start out with a pair and see about doing more as the grid advances in the upcoming months.  Oddly, the ones I liked tended to be the lower priced horses too. Guess I’m an odd ball when it comes to my preferences here too, as I am in many things.



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