Another reason to love #inworldz

Disgusted with the real world and its level of destruction. This week, they’ve taken out three beautiful big trees, two houses (which could have been remodeled or just rebuilt without destroying other things), and a huge flourishing garden with it.

Not sure what happened to the old man who worked day and night tending to that garden, but that’s a horrible waste. Seeing uprooted veggies in the soil today as the backhoe does it’s work.

Disgusting…no reason whatsoever to do so much natural damage.  And to waste so much obviously good food when so many are in need.

And it’s right behind us in the middle of the block. No clue what’s going to go in there yet. Whoever they are, may take awhile for me to warm up to them…

This is why I love virtual world. I love encouraging building stuff up and encouraging a good environment instead of destroying it.


Our home side view on Dunvalos Reach where I sit to listen to old time radio while working.

Our home side view on Dunvalos Reach where I sit to listen to old time radio while working.


Inworldz check in but not much

Just checking in here to let people know I’m still around.

Work and life has been keeping me out.

I’ve had Dunvalos Reach for two months plus now and not even half way done with it. That’s okay because I am happy enough with Inworldz and Inworldz management to not feel as if it’s a total waste.

I am sad to miss out on the upcoming hunt though. Just no way to get all the product built in time. Well, I could have, if I shoved some real life stuff aside.

Maybe. Part of my delay had included two weeks of not being able to do much at all due to infection in roots of a tooth. Thankfully we can save the tooth. Root canal and cap.

I’d like to see what’s improved for me building since the last update, so I am anxious to get back to it. Maybe this weekend. Get to find out then if we have a bad life situation to deal with for awhile or not. Help keep my mind busy while waiting to find out.

Funny thing about me. I dread things that look possible to happen, and then can’t stop dreading them and they lower my productivity.

Maybe I should listen to more Abney Park since the music inspires me. Listening to an episode of Boston Blackie Inworldz while I write this. Helps me concentrate, but not sure it’s inspiring. lol

Dreading the upcoming possible situation. A life woe discovered this morning. Heavy machinery in neighborhood disturbing the atmosphere. 100 degree heat with 106 heat index expected today…   Yah, may need to crank up the volume with Abney Park on to concentrate by.

And better make some coffee to cool for iced lattes later…

Our home side view on Dunvalos Reach where I sit to listen to old time radio while working.

Our home side view on Dunvalos Reach where I sit to listen to old time radio while working.


Okay “this” sucks ….

What is “this”?

Second Life, of course. Seems like every trip into Second Life ends in frustration due to performance issues. I’ve regained the habit of cussing thanks to Second Life. Really am about ready to pack up and leave. The frustrations are even getting in the way of me enjoying my breedables.

Whereas I can go into Inworldz, a newer grid where I expect frustrations and the performance is a lot better. And rarely get frustrations.

There’s still issues, of course. Things that will be fixed within time as the grid grows.

Still can’t cross a sim very well at all. Sometimes have to teleport twice to a lm cause my avi falls through the surface.

But I visited some of the more populated horse markets today with the oYo horses and am impressed. Yes, there’s still a ways to go, but at this stage, I’m impressed.

The manes I’m still not sure about. But do understand it. A shaped mane does knock down the collision issues a lot. One of the biggest issues we had with Amaretto on our SL sims.

When it comes to performance with the horses, I got huge flickering of the horses when they changed animations. Seems like they’re all on the same timer. Not sure if that had anything to do with it.

Still, I may check out about the foods and such later on when it comes time to get some gaming allowance again.  A pair at home would be nice to play with. Serenia and I could start out with a pair and see about doing more as the grid advances in the upcoming months.  Oddly, the ones I liked tended to be the lower priced horses too. Guess I’m an odd ball when it comes to my preferences here too, as I am in many things.