Learning how to sit again…

There’s a few minor differences in how things work in Inworldz versus Second Life.

Like getting the sits on the objects. This morning I’m working with this while having my morning coffee.

I have the tools and scripts and they do seem to work pretty much the same as what I’m used to, so I’m sure this won’t take me long to set up.

I have a weird building shortcut I’ve always used that I don’t seem to be able to use in Inworldz though. In judging how tall I’d like to make something I’ve always used my own avi instead of going with a standard size. Normally I’d make a rough replica or even a block, set the z height to what normally works for me and then sit on it to see where my feet lay with my shoes on.

In Second Life this works great because the avi sits on top of the object. Right now my avi sits in the middle of whatever I tell it to sit on. hmm…perhaps a default setting somewhere I’ve never had to use before…

Anyway, perhaps I’ll get some building done next weekend and be ready a little quicker…if things go forward. At first, I expected to not be inworld much for next week or so.

I may be online more than I thought due to a change in plans. My hubby and I are dealing in RL with one of those things everyone must face at some point in their life. Which means it looks like I’ll be left here with my own defenses for the four day weekend next week. My daughter will be in and out, I’m sure. But it’s our 27th anniversary…kind of sad to have to spend it apart, especially for something like this.

“Gotta stand up so strong
fight all alone
Hope I can
cause I can never go home”
Captain Robert Brown of Abney Park in Bad Things Coming

If you know why Captain Robert wrote that and what he’s talking about, then you know. And it may last a very long time…

Java time!

Java time!

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