Aspire Develops…

Walkways in progress for Aspire Village on Dunvalos Reach

Walkways in progress for Aspire Village on Dunvalos Reach

As I work on the walkways for the village on Aspire, I see part of the people’s story coming through their building techniques.  A primitive tribe, to be sure, but very intelligent, and family oriented.

They tend to build round objects when using stone, but square or rectangular when working with wood.  Very interesting. I see a side of their story coming through as this develops.

With my building today I see textures not behaving properly at times still. I’ve always had to watch when changing all sides of the object via sliding over the texture straight into the edit box. It will sometimes show mixed when I prompted it to change all sides by sliding the texture over. This time, it’s not changing all sides for the tortured prims of the huts.  But it’s also not showing mixed textures. Repeating the process does not fix it like it does before. I have to isolate and change the texture to the top of the hut’s roof…the flat part…individually.

At any rate, I hope my story helps explain a lot of the pieces of the structures as they develop. Or many builders will look at it and wonder what in the world was I thinking.

LOL I’m not. Building to me is an artistic, sometimes very unrealistic process. Laws of physics and gravity, and common sense do not belong in my building.


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